My Launch Kit




Launch your website within minutes.


Launch a gorgeous website for your startup without a designer or developer. All you have to do is tell our intelligent system basic information about your business and we'll generate a gorgeous website for you. You can be live in minutes.

It's really that simple.




Work at the business level


Begin by describing your startup at a business level and we'll make your website look great. What we've built is a product that is able to produce designs just like a human designer and developer would - the big difference is we let you focus at the business level and our system is able to determine what looks best instantly.

Other website builders may seem simple, until you’re suddenly dumped into their complex technical design tools with too many options. We keep it simple - at the business level. And the amount of options just right.




Best Practices and Beautiful Designs


Don't start from a blank canvas. We've leveraged some great designers and emulated the best websites out there. We offer a high-quality solution of layouts and intelligent components that help you create the perfect look and feel that is contemporary and optimised to convert visitors to customers.




We make it look great on desktops and mobiles


Whether you’re starting a blog or re-branding your business, we take care of making your website look great on desktops and mobiles. You won't have to worry about responsive layouts or testing on different devices. It'll be perfect every where, every time.





No Coding

You don't want to spend your time coding a website when you should be building your business. You may not even know how to code. No Problem!


We take care of hosting your site on the cloud with global CDNs built for reliability and scale. Simply configure your domain to use our servers and you'll be online in minutes.


Component Blocks

With a library of business specific components, you can build your site in a structured and efficient way. Simply add a business description, pricing plan, contact details, testimonials and let the site build itself. 

Beautiful Designs

Let our beautiful designs take care of the hard work for you. Customise your colors, images and text but don't sweat the detail. Our designs provide you with a consistent look and feel while freeing you from the burden of code.



Hook up your favourite analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and KISSmetrics. Track what your visitors are looking at and optimise your copy for conversion.


Make changes to your site and preview in private. Only publish to the world when you are happy with your new site. You can do this even after you've launched.



Link to your social accounts by simply providing your account ids. Let your visitors know about all the places you hang out and engage with them outside your website.

Lead Generation

Building an app? Not quite ready to launch yet? Why not capture email addresses from interested parties and leads so you have a user base on Day 1?


A|B Split Testing

Try out different approaches with our in-built A|B testing. Create alternative versions of your site to see which works best. We'll present these randomly to visitors and prepare reports for you.

And more...

New features are constantly being added. Keep your eye out for the latest developments. Let us know if you need a feature we don't already support. We're here to help.

Live in Minutes

It's super simple to create your website. It only takes a few minutes. Get started now.


Launch and start making money


We are free to start - you don't even need to sign up. You can make as many edits as you need to in private, completely free. When you're ready to show the world your website, simply one-click-publish your website and we'll deploy it to highly reliable and scalable servers around the world where your website is ready to handle all your visitors.





USD per month

Start Paying Only When You Publish

Private Edits

Unlimited Version History

100+ Components

Unlimited Storage

Cloud Hosting with CDN

Retina Ready Images

Unlimited Collaborators

A|B Split Testing

Integrate with 3rd Party Analytics

Unlimited Email Collection

BYO Custom Domain

No My Launch Kit Ads

Zero Coding


It's easy and free to create your website.